The Anatomy Of A Book Cover

As we know, people do tend to judge books by their covers, which is why publishers scrutinize every detail. I get lots of questions about my covers and who and how they’re created so I thought I’d take you through the process of how a cover comes to be.

First things first, while the author definitely has input, the cover is designed by the art department. And as for that input, the process begins with my editor asking if I have any images in mind that will get the designers started. So I’ll do a long Getty Images search and send everything that I think would make an intriguing cover. I’ll also reference other book jackets that I especially like. And then I wait. I wait and I wait some more. Before they’ll show an author a cover you can bet that the artwork, fonts, colors and copy have been through many, many rounds and revisions.

Once the team, i.e., editor, publisher, marketing, publicity, sales are satisfied, they send it to the author and their agent. This is always a big, big moment when that email comes through and you get to see how your publishing house is envisioning your book. Chances are, it’s something very different than what you’ve been picturing for months inside your head.

For example, when they showed me DOLLFACE, I had prepared myself for a black and white or sepia cover so the burst of color really threw me and it took me a couple days to fall in love, but fall I did! With WHAT THE LADY WANTS both my agent and I didn’t feel that the first cover they showed us captured the essence of the story and my wonderful team at Penguin Random House agreed to go back to the drawing board. When they showed me the new cover, I was thrilled. It had the elegance and sophistication that we’d been hoping for. When they showed us the cover for WHITE COLLAR GIRL I wasn’t initially sold on the strong graphic approach and I can remember being on the phone with my editor and agent trying to sort it out. My editor felt strongly that it was right cover and after looking at a second cover, I agreed and am so glad I did. I got such positive feedback from readers, fellow authors and even other editors saying it was one of their favorite covers of all time.


So this brings me to my newest cover WINDY CITY BLUES. The art department picked up that strong graphic element that was so successful in my last book, which we all felt was very smart. But when we revealed the cover on social media we got some comments about it being too busy. I’m fortunate enough to have the support of my team and when I shared the feedback with my agent and editor, they agreed to go back to the drawing board even after we’d revealed the cover and posted it on retailer sites. So now I’m thrilled to share the new and improved cover for WINDY CITY BLUES. Hope you love it as much as we do!  Available for Pre-order.


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