About two weeks ago my publisher, Berkley, began running the first Goodreads giveaway for WINDY CITY BLUES– 25 advance copies looking for a good home. This giveaway ends in two days on November 23rd so I figured I’d better hurry up and post this to my blog.

As you’ve probably long suspected, Giveaways have become a “thing” in the publishing world. It’s a great marketing tool. A way to announce a new title, get readers interested in an upcoming book, or a way to boost interest in a book that’s already been out for a bit.

As I was pursuing the giveaways up on Goodreads, it’s interesting to see all the offerings. Some are giving away 100 copies or more. Others offer 1 or 2 copies. Some are running their giveaways for a couple months, others for a couple weeks. A few only run for a few days. Some the giveaways are sponsored by the big houses, others by smaller independent publishers and some offerings are self-published books.

While looking at all those giveaways,  I got to thinking about all the giveaways I’d entered and never won and then out of the blue, I was actually selected as a Goodreads Giveaway winner.  I won an advance reader copy of Daily Goodwin’s VICTORIA  which hits bookstores, laptops and smartphones tomorrow.  I receive a lot of ARCs but winning one was truly special. Look for my Goodreads review coming soon!



So with the clock ticking and the last two days of the Giveaway underway, I wanted to say thanks and wish good luck to those who entered for a chance to win an advance copy of  WINDY CITY BLUES. And for those of you reading this, I hope you’ll enter!

Thanks much!